Our Team


Lara Zegart

Director of West America After Care

Lara has her M.A. in French and Comparative Literature from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

She is currently focusing on education and childhood development, which is reflected through her involvement in the community. Previously, Lara worked as a tutor for After Care, and is now co-owner and director of the program since 2017. Lara was also a teacher at Ring Mountain Day School and Terra Marin School and works with the Tamalpais Community Services District.

Lara has been part of the Tae Kwon Do family for many years. She tested for her black belt at West America when she was 11 years old, after having started at age 5. Her outlook in life was greatly framed by her experience in the TKD studio.

Lara’s goal is to provide After Care students with the resources and learning tools they need to achieve their highest potential. She believes this can be reached through perseverance, dedication and respect. 


Sensei Roger Carlon

Founder of West America Tae Kwon Do

Founder of West America After Care

Master Carlon has been teaching students for over 35 years. His sense of discipline, positive attitude and fun interaction has made him very popular instructor in the Bay Area. 

His teaching philosophy and his ultimate goal is to help build positive leaders and well-rounded human beings. 

"I want the children to learn about attitude and respect", he explains. "If we have the right attitude, we can achieve more in our lives". 





Courtney Islam


Courtney has been working for After Care for 3 years and is a senior at Tamalpais High School. She enjoys spending time with kids in the community and does this through volunteering at the Mill Valley Public Library, the Little School preschool, and babysitting.

She has a second degree black belt from West America Tae Kwon Do and loves being part of the Tae Kwon Do family.

She hopes to inspire younger students to achieve their goals, whether they be good grades or a black belt!